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FAQs about Subscribing

Q: How much does it cost to subscribe?

A: $20 per month, billed automatically every month to your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) or Paypal account. Or save with the option of $200 per year, which is billed just one time (with a renewal reminder at the end of the year).

Q: What do I get with my subscription?

A: You receive unlimited access to the entire site, which includes detailed how-to trimming information, online streaming video, photos, articles, Q&A, and a members-only forum. Click here for more info about what's on this site.

Q: What is the intended audience of this site?

A: This site was specifically designed for 1) Horseowner-trimmers looking for guidance and support, 2) Professional trimmers looking for useful techniques, and 3) all horse enthusiasts searching to increase their knowledge about horses' hooves.

Q: Is this website only about barefoot trimming?

A: Actually, our material is all about creating healthy hooves, and passing on our system of hoof trimming. Our education and speciality has been focused around barefooted horses, but we are not attempting to "sell" barefoot to anyone. We just want to raise the current standard of hoof health.

Q: Do I need high speed internet to be able to subscribe to this site?

A: We provide a multi-media learning experience, so there is a variety of material offered; however, in order to get the most out of your membership, we highly recommend that you have internet connection speeds capable of viewing online video. We do offer lots of printable materials, articles, photos, Q&A, theory and information presentations, and an online forum - all of which can be accessed with slower internet connections, so you might find the site valuable even without the videos.

Q: How do I know if my internet connection is fast enough to view your videos?

A: The best way to know is to try it out ($10 for one week!), and watch the videos. Our videos go through special software to ensure playability for everyone, so if you can watch regular videos on the internet (you-tube, etc.), then you should be able to watch our videos. When we do offer high resolution videos, we will make sure to include a low res version, as well. Even if the videos don't work for you can still get access to all the other great information on the site - there is a LOT more than just videos.

Q: I have a DSL connection, but the videos keep stopping and skipping, what can I do?

A: Your connection is probably a bit too slow for your computer to play simultaneously while downloading, so you need to download first. After clicking "Play," then click on the "Pause" button, and this will allow your computer to download the video first before viewing. You can then click "Play" and your video should be smooth.

Q: Will the videos play on the iPhone or iPad?

A: Yes, we have now set up the videos to be fully compatible for all devices. However, some of the older videos might not have been converted yet.

Q: Do you have an App?

A: Yes we do :) Click here to download!

Q: Do I have to read all the articles on the computer?

A: The articles are provided in a secure PDF format, and can be printed in high resolution to any printer. You are allowed to save and print the files for your own personal use.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: Yes, you may cancel at any time, and owe nothing further. Fees are pre-paid monthly, beginning on the day you initially subscribe (so if you subcribe monthly on March 20th, you are valid through April 20th). If you cancel during the month, you will not be rebilled, and you will retain full access to the site until your month is up. There is a cancel button right on your account page in Hoof Help Online. (Sign in, click on "Payments History", then you'll see the link right there, "Cancel Subscription")

Q: Can I resubscribe?

A: Yes, you may re-subscribe at any time, as well. And cancel and re-subscribe as much as you'd like.

Q: I am trying to resubscribe, but having trouble; I can't remember my old username and password, and the system won't let me set up a new account with my email address - it says that it is already in use. What do I do?

A: You can retrieve a lost username and password right on the log in page. You can enter in either a username or an email address to receive your info emailed to you, with instructions to reset your password.

Once you are logged in on your account page, click "add/renew subscription." Then select your desired subscription, and you can enter all the payment info. This will keep your same account.

Q: Can I get a refund if I cancel my membership?

A: Membership fees are non-refundable; however you may cancel at ANY time and owe nothing more from that date forward. When you cancel, you will retain full access to the site until the end of your one month subscription, and no further payments will be owed. There are no refunds for payments already completed.

Q: Can I share a membership with a friend?

A: No, but you can share with your immediately family, one membership per household.

Q: Why is Hoof Help Online not offered for free?

A: Unfortunately, we are not independently wealthy, and everything about designing and creating a website is expensive - from software and hardware, right down to the cost of the data transfer itself. Even bigger is the subject of time - to create the kind of personalized website we envision, we have to invest substantial amounts of our own personal time on a continuous basis. Ultimately, we hope that Hoof Help Online becomes our primary job. With this amount of effort from us, we hope that you consider your membership fee to be a small price to pay for such an educational value. You have our commitment that we will do our very best for you, every single day!

Q: How are The Horse's Hoof and Hoof Help Online related?

A: The Horse's Hoof (magazine and website) and Hoof Help Online are both owned and operated by James & Yvonne Welz, under the parent company Wishing Welz Equine LLC. The Horse's Hoof is a public service to the entire barefoot community, with the sole purpose of spreading information about barefooted horses, without agenda or affiliation to any particular group or method. Hoof Help Online, however, does indeed represent the personal opinions of James & Yvonne Welz, and was created to provide a platform for them to teach their own unique system of trimming. Funding from Hoof Help Online will help The Horse's Hoof to continue on in its original form, and in exchange, material and photos from The Horse's Hoof Magazine will help illustrate Hoof Help Online concepts.

Q: Are people who practice different methods welcome on this site?

A: Of course! We welcome everyone, from every background. It is important to understand that our advice and recommendations can only come from our own perspective - we can't give trimming advice based on someone else's theories. We'll do our best to help everyone understand WHY we do things the way we do, and hope that our perspective will be useful to you in some way. No matter what, you will be treated with respect, and you are allowed to have your own different opinions!!

Join Now: Not a member? Click here to join now and receive immediate access to everything: our Forum, Q&A, Photos, Videos, Articles and detailed how-to trimming instructions.